It was so amazing meeting all of them!
Alex was kind of just awkwardly standing by herself so I went and told her how great her performance was.
Fun fact about Britney, he dad introduced her to me. They were all in the same restaurant with me, but I didn’t want to be /that fan, so I didn’t say anything. Her parents sat in front of us & recognized me! She was absolutely amazing!
I have NO words to describe joey. His talent is unbelievable. I actually met him twice & the second time I told him that I toured u of m & he talked to me about the school & to my dad about football (adorable)
Reed is so nice & such a serious actor, he was funny to talk to! I really want to see him when he comes back to ny!
Dylan’s performance, as usual was pefrection!
Joe was equally talented! I talked to him about u of m as well & being from the east coast
& Lauren. I really didn’t get to talk to Lauren since a lot of people were waiting, but she was really nice & so pretty!
I also met Julia & talked to her about how the great the show was & how I drove 800 miles to see the show & how grateful I was to back it, she asked my name & couldn’t thank me enough! Such a great experience!!